24 Global Support offers you the best of technical support solutions. We make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with our tech solutions and come back to us every time they need any technical assistance.

This is clearly visible with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We truly value our customers and we  provide everything you need to solve your IT issues.

Our online support technology enables us to fix issues via emails, text chats or phone call.


We can fix your high-tech devices with our expert tech support. We offer support services for your computer, printer, scanner, TV, gaming console, home automation devices and more


We can diagnose all issues that can occur with your hardware or software. We provide expert assistance and a fast, secure IT tech support solution.


We make your devices secure from malware and viruses with the latest anti virus measures, so you can browse and surf securely.

Awesome Features

Exclusive Support Technology

Our Exclusive support technology let’s you have repair sessions with our expert technicians for all your tech related issues over the phone. The duration primarily depends on the complexities or severity of the problems that you are facing. Contact bus today and we will take care of the rest.

Awesome help when you need it

Effortless And Seamless Support

Our technical support software enables us to assist you with support solutions from the comfort of your home or business.. We assist you with our innovative management tools making it an easy and efficient experience for you.

Pro Tech Support Services

24 Global Support covers a wide area of technical support services for hardware and software products. We have the ultimate solution for any kind of technical issues that can occur with your devices. 
Our list of tech support services are extensive.

  • Computer Tech Support
  • Router and Networking Help
  • Peripheral Support
  • Email Setup
  • Internet Security Help
  • Gaming Console Help
  • TV & Video Help
  • Phone & Tablet Help
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